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Introductory Basic Rifle Course  

Gunline Shooting is delighted to present an introductory course on long-distance shooting. We recognize the abundance of long-range shooting classes available, ranging from comprehensive multi-day courses to those of questionable quality. Celebrating our 5th year of operation, Gunline has actively assisted countless individuals in equipment setup, fundamentals, ballistic calculators, and troubleshooting. 


We are excited to announce the scheduling of a few basic rifle courses for both centerfire as well as rimfire. The structured 3-hour course is designed to guide participants through a comprehensive learning experience, covering the following topics sequentially:


  • Setting up and maintaining your weapon system.

  • Grasping the proper fundamentals of marksmanship.

  • Zeroing your weapon system.

  • Configuring a ballistic calculator.

  • Gathering and truing data from distances ranging from 100 to 1,000 yards. (Centerfire)

  • Gathering and truing data from distances ranging from 50 to 300 yards. (Rimfire)

  • Understanding how external factors affect your ballistics downrange.


Minimum Equipment Requirements:


  • Rifle Capable of 1MOA @ 100 yards

  • Scope with MOA or Mil adjustments

  • Bi-Pod

  • 50 Rounds of ammo

  • Eye and ear protection


This course is tailored for shooters with minimal or no formal training—those seeking qualification, a systematic approach, or assistance with persistent challenges. Priced at $200, we are offering a 50% discount to our valued members to kickstart this initiative. While the class is open to the public, it will not feature a discounted rate for non-members.  If the dates posted do not work contact the pro shop and we will try and group a few people together at a time that does.  We do have rental rifles and ammo, so do not let gear hold you back from the education.



Some rifles are not suitable for shooting out to 1000 yards.

Please click the link to request a slot for the 3/30/24 centerfire course at 2:00PM

Please click the link to request a slot for the 4/13/24 rimfire course at 2:00PM

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