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Hunter Membership.jpg

Hunter’s Package  

Unlimited visits during October & November 

     Visits may happen during normal pro shop hours - Tues - Sat 8am - 5pm

Inspect equipment and build a ballistic profile for one rifle 

     Level scope to rifle

     Check torque setting on gun, mount and scope rings

     Zero rifle at 100 yards or other yardage per client request

     Zero dial turret and set zero stop if equipped 

     Chronograph the ammunition to be used

     Build a ballistic profile 

One on one session with a long range specialist - (one hour)

     Explain the fundamentals of long range shooting

     Evaluate the ethical kill distance for your rifle

     Confirm/True data out to 1000 yards on steel plates 


Some rifles are not suitable for shooting out to 1000 yards, if this is the case, we will still get you impacts at 1000 yards with one of our rifles.

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