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We are a membership only range.  As a member you will receive access to our facility at your convenience!  Gunline Shooting members will enjoy:

  • Full Service Pro Shop

  • 1,000 Yard Known Distance Range

  • 690 Yard Unknown Distance Range

  • 600 Yard Known Distance Range

  • 500 Yard Mover Range with automated mover system

  • 460 Yard Urban Range

  • 300 Yard Carbine Range

  • 100 Yard Zero Range 

  • 30 Yard Pistol Range

  • Over 150 Steel Targets

  • Unlimited use, no daily range fees

  • Full access to a member’s UTV

  • Member’s guests allowed ($25 day rate)

  • Member’s pavilion  (2,400 Sq Ft)

  • Scope and gun accessory installation

  • Access to demo products (suppressors, scopes, bags, chronograph, etc.)

Membership Dues: 

We have a one time Orientation fee of $200

(This includes range tour, gate card, and Range Safety Officer Class)

Individual - $45 per month

Family - $55 per month

Active MIL/LEO - $5 discount per month


Our membership has no annual contract, you may cancel at anytime.



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