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Hunting Rifle sight in and data card


The rifles, scopes, gear, and ballistics calculators have come so far in the past few years.  A lot of people have the right gear but lack the time, the place, or the knowledge to find you and your gears full potential.  We want to help you prepare for this upcoming season.  This package is to ensure your gear is in tip top shape for that once in a lifetime opportunity!

Package includes:

Check torque specs of rifle, mounts, and rings

Zero rifle at your specified distance

Chronograph your rifle with your ammo

True data to 500 yards.


We will provide you with a data card that will include:

Ballistic Coefficient G1 and G7

Scope height

Muzzle Velocity

Standard Deviation

Elevation drop out to 500 yards in inches, mils, and moa

Velocity out to 500 yards

Ft lb of energy to 500 yards


Pre- Requisites


Customer to provide rifle, scope, and ammo

Scope must have a bdc reticle and/or dial turrets in order to true the data 

*Private instruction can be provided upon rifle pickup, see training tab on website

Rifle Spec Sheet.jpg
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