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September NRL22 Match.jpg

Gunline Shooting

NRL22 Match


Match Date:

September 12, 2020


9/12/20 Match Fee: $22.00 (Non-Refundable)

Match starts: 7:30 AM · Match ends: 3:00 PM

895 Greenwood Chapel Road
Carthage, MS 39051

NRL22 Monthly Match 
Round Count: 70-85 
Distances: 25 - 300 yards

Rifle: 22LR Only


Match Itinerary:
7:00AM - Gunline Shooting Gate Open
7:30AM - C Range Open for Data Testing 
7:30AM - On Site Registration

7:40AM - Safety Briefing
8:00AM - Match Starts


Price: $22.00 (Non-refundable)


Sign Up and Payment will be made through PractiScore. Follow the link to make your payment.

After the match has completed we plan on having some side stage match fun, so bring a few extra rounds with you to participate.

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