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Gunline Rifle League Point 22 Match Dates
March 19, 2022
April 16, 2022
May 21, 2022
June 16, 2022
June 25, 2022 - The 50/100
October 15, 2022


The Gunline Shooting Rifle League Point 22 Series is a competition that is limited to 22 long rifles.  This series is a competition that is friendly to all ages and skill levels.  These matches will consist of shooting from a bench, prone or modified prone, shooters choice. Each relay will have an allotted amount of time. Competitors can expect to shoot 4 relays and have unlimited sighter shots. The relay has a card with 20 targets. Maximum points per card is 200. Lunch will be provided. 




.22 Long Rifle only

Bipod or rest

various bags

Note – Please do not let gun, scope, ammo, or gear stop you from shooting.  Call the pro shop anytime and we will help you get started.


Gunline Shooting Rifle League Point 22 will track your scores if you are a member.  



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